Otto’s Mummy’s life takes a different turn

I have to be careful here, I don’t want to get into any legal trouble, so I will try to omit names, dates and geographical details, but here’s the sorry story so far.

It all kicked off last year.  Husband came home with some drastic news about his work.  Since then I have gone from a lovely big home into a much, much smaller home, had to re-start my career and care for a husband blasted by what he did and the consequences of his actions. 

So that’s all I’ll say about the past.  At the moment.  But now I’ll move forward.

We met for the first time with a solicitor now acting on our – his – behalf.  Before this time, and we are talking over a year, husband has been without proper legal representation, Civil Legal Aid being a thing most difficult to obtain.  This has caused us no end of problems in trying to deal with particularly vicious lawyers representing the other side.  We have been to court alone, attended meetings without proper representation and missed out on help and advice that could possibly have meant we didn’t have to lose everything.  Which is what happened.

So, the solicitor, how refreshing to deal with someone who doesn’t treat you like a piece of waste matter.  How uplifting to realise there is going to be someone to give you help and advice.  Finally, what a relief.  However, this will be short lived if we do not get Legal Aid.  The matter, following the arrest of Husband, has now “gone criminal” this is a good thing in a way for it means he can apply for Legal Aid.  Although I am now working, I’m on a really low salary that just covers our bills (much reduced with smaller home).  But we have no savings, pension, investments bar money we scrabbled together and put into an ISA.  I’m talking about £5,000.00.  I don’t mind going into details, after what we have been through, nothing is not out in the open already.  That’s all we have to our names!  And husband still does not have access to a bank account given our joint assets are still frozen.

So he has completed Legal Aid forms, and it being such a “complex” case, forms will have to go off to Legal Aid HQ.  This means if we do not get an answer in about a weeks time, he will have to go to court again alone.  Solicitors now do not work until money is agreed.  Then they will not do anything until they have to.  Understandbly so – why should they work on a case that might not proceed to court.    So now we wait, and I’ll update my blog after he’s gone to court and if and when the Legal Aid comes through.

One thought on “Otto’s Mummy’s life takes a different turn

  1. Hey Sis, Just want to say we are thinking of you constantly and hope that the truth will out and the lies will be identified. Always behind you both, all the way xxxxxxxxxx
    p.s. I’ve spent the £30 in our joint account due to lending it to Nephew. It’s a long term lend!

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