History of events, part 1

I don’t know how much I’ll be able to get through as these details are still extremely painful to recall.  Some bits I have even tried to block out completely.  But here goes.

As I’ve already referred to, a normal day for me at home, in the spring time, I didn’t work at the time, call me a housewife if you like.  Suddenly, strangely, husband arrived home in the early afternoon.  We went into the dining room because he said he had something to tell me.  He had been called in by the owner of the company to discuss a matter that had been brewing for a while, that of – what can I say without giving away details…. Oh, I know, Loyalty Rewards.  Some LR’s had been accumulating and although husband’s assistant at work had tried to get other staff/owners to use these LR’s so that they did not expire, the LR’s were building up.  It was suggested (not by my husband) that these LR’s were used so that they did not pass their sell by date.  Husband’s assistant and husband both used these LR’s without the knowledge of company owner (error number one) for private means.  This fact had come to the attention of owner/director, husband was suspended from work.  However, when he came home to tell me of this fact, he revealed that the company were going to conduct an audit and would then find funds had gone missing from company.  Husband, for reasons at the time known only to himself, had been “dipping his hand in the till”.  I’ll tell you why and how at another point.  But these details have already made me feel depressed, sad and sick so I’ll have to stop just now.

One thought on “History of events, part 1

  1. Awaiting details about yesterday and thinking of you from afar.
    Also very interested to know who these ‘1.640 hits’ are????? I must be at least 5 of them!
    Am hoping that with decent legal back up, the enemy will be seen for what they actually are…..

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