Pre First Hearing

Husband due in local court tomorrow.  He doesn’t want me with him, wants to see this through on his own.  I must admit to feeling sick to the pit of my stomach.  Plus am having bad dreams at night whereupon “the other side” turn up in force and we are on our own again.  At least this time we will have a solicitor who (if and when the Legal Aid comes through) will be acting for us.  Last time we went to court – for the Asset Freezing part of things – it was just us two and about eight of them (lawyers, the aggrieved party and their staff).   It does help to have someone who knows where to go and what to say.  And of course, at that last hearing we were both very much in a state of shock not knowing what the hell was going on or going to happen.  Time passes and we are a little wiser.

I suppose what I should do is put down the history of this tale every time I add stuff that is happening now.  That may be cathartic to remember what was going on just this time last year.

Anyway, news on tomorrow’s events later.

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