Pre Hearing

So this has now taken place at local magistrate’s court.  Unfortunately, husband was rather sick the night before – not through nerves, he is quite resigned about events – unfortunately, we found out the night before his first court case that he is allergic to Quorn!  Not nice.  So he was a bit exhausted in the morning but went off, on his own.  The first hearing takes place at the magistrate’s court because due to the complexity of the case, it has to be referred to the county court.  Thankfully, now that this matter is “criminal” we have access to legal advice.  We visited the lawyer who will be working for us the other day and it was such a relief to have help and advice in this matter.  Just to know what to expect, where to go, what to say.  The basics of criminal justice you could say.  Legal Aid has been applied for and we must wait to see if we are accepted.  We have (as I’ve previously said) no money to pay lawyers and have already shelved out at the insistence of “the other side”  £25,000 on one particular legal matter only to be told that the work produced was worthless and a waste of time.  (and our money).  At the High Court, legal fees to the tune of  £40,000 was considered by the judge “reasonable” and this was just for initial work by the other side.  Really, the only people who have benefited from this sorry tale are lawyers.

Anyway, I digress.  Husband went to magistrates court, was met by solicitor acting on our behalf, even though legal aid has not yet come through, and he did not (on advice of solicitor) enter a plea.  This comes later apparently.

He is also being hounded by his professional body and they are accusing him of being “unhelpful” even though given that this is a criminal matter, it is not possible for him to give a statement to the professional body.  Anything he does say will go back to “the other side” so he is again hamstrung.  Our solicitor has now taken this piece of correspondence so that is another thing off our mind.

And now we must wait for about 6 weeks for the matter to be referred to the county court.  But I will fill in the gaps as and when I can.

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