Friday: a take-over bid and meeting with an “ex-con”

In view of my husband’s destiny, we decided it would be good to meet up with someone who had been through a similar experience to us and had come through the other side changed, but unscathed.  Unfortunately, this person’s marriage had not survived, unlike our own which has gone from strength to strength.  The one thing that was not taken from us was our enduring love for each other (sorry for the sentimentality).

It was an interesting day commencing bright an early with my current boss – I’ve only been working for this very small company since “all the evil” (that’s a matter of months) but I have it in my head that I could run part of the business more successfully and with a tighter range on expenses.  My boss is at her wit’s end with part of the business I enjoy working on, so given my husband’s financial skills, we have put in an offer to take over the bulk of the company.  To my mind, this is the best idea ever, meaning that whatever happens to Husband, he will always have a job to come back to (even if I won’t pay him!).  It means I would have a secure job, could take time out to attend court without having to beg for time off and whilst alone for what might be some time can while away the evenings working on my business.  So we will have to wait and see.  Not much money will pass hands, seeing as (a) we don’t have much money and (b) the company is currently making a loss.  We might know the outcome of our offer in about a week.

With regards to the afternoon meeting, this again was very interesting and instructional.  I now know what husband must take with him on the last day of the court hearing, before he is sentenced – a small overnight bag is appropriate!  Something I wondered about but could not believe you actually took one with you.  We learned how Husband should behave whilst serving his time – keep a low profile and accept any jobs that may be on offer.  Luckily, from somewhere (and for the life of me I don’t know where) we have this survival attitude.  He knows it is something that must improve his future and will use his time inside to become a more rounded individual.  As for me…. I’ll just work, work, work oh and work.  The ex-con we met is pretty high profile and it was good to know how he handled the publicity and the tag of “ex-offender” once released.  And he made a strange, but true, comment that nowadays it’s not so unusual to meet/know someone who has been inside.  I suppose it’s become as acceptable as divorce!  I remember when my parent’s marriage ended, we were a novelty item at school, so here I am again, in the same position i.e., living with a novelty!

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