Waiting, hoping, waiting for news

I’m a bit concerned.  Husband’s application for legal aid submitted via our solicitor was returned because of insufficient evidence. Hmm.  I am concerned that the form was not checked adequately before it was submitted.  I am concerned that for some reason he might not get the legal aid.  Just as I think we are so close to having someone to help steer us through the legal mire, that we’ve previously navigated on our own, that hope is beginning to fade.  I have been told I am panicking – based on our joint incomes and savings (hahah what savings) we must be eligible.  But the wait is agony.

Husband’s qualifications body is itching to crack on with the case and pass judgement before the court case.  Again, forms have been handed to his solicitors – but have they been dealt with?  Who knows.

And as a final insult, we received a letter from our bank.  Now this is a good one.  This is our joint account.  It was frozen along with all our assets when “all the evil” kicked off.  It remains frozen.  It had money in it.  It is now overdrawn by a couple of thousand pounds.  We have not received any bank statements since the freezing (this is what happens to you when stuff gets frozen).  We have had no control over our account, direct debits were suspended and we had to cope with sorting out alternative ways of paying utility bills, insurances etc from my personal account that until we signed on had about £34.00 in it.  So how, I hear you ask, can we have run up a debt of a couple of thousand pounds?  And where has our money gone?   Of course, we have called the bank and have been advised that their “legal department” will get back to us.  That was last week.  Have they returned the call?  Now what do you think?

My offer to take over a business has been rejected, well, not rejected, but I have been asked to relook at how much I can afford and come up with a revised (upwards) figure.  I can increase my offer….. but I need to get a loan.  Ha ha ha.  I am not on the books yet, so will need to give the bank three years worth of self employed accounts.  I’m still laughing.  I’ve only been employed since last year.  Husband advises that all is not lost and not to give up at the first hurdle.  I both want and need this business to give us both some kind of life after all this crap has passed.

Do I sound down in the dumps today?  Well, I am!  But in the words of Scarlett O’Hara….. “tomorrow is another day”.

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