History of events, part 2

OK, so let’s have another go at what happened next without naming names, dates and any other facts!  To do this, I have to refer back to the emails I sent at the time and I have to say this is a dreadful and depressing thing for me to do.  Is it cathartic?  No.

My emails tell me that at the time I was in a state of denial.  I couldn’t take anything in.  Immediately husband spiralled into a suicidal state of depression.  I was in communication with his company, in hindsight stupidly, telling them what was going on at home.  I thought we were talking about a much, much smaller amount of money.  I thought they’d ask us to pay it back, sack husband and that would be the end of it.  Husband wasn’t sleeping and it was unnerving to wake and find him not there – any worrying too.  I was terrified he’d go off and do something stupid and took to hiding the pain killers and knives.  Because our internet was provided by the office, we were asked not to use it.  I dutifully obliged and resorted to using a VODAFONE DONGLE – useless (for this I will name a name!)

We visited our GP and she prescribed sleeping pills as husband hadn’t slept since the event, she warned they were addictive and would only give him a weeks’ worth – finally he got a couple of hours sleep.   With the prospect of no income in sight, we went on-line and cancelled a lot of what had suddenly become unnecessary direct debits – pet insurance, music subscription, insurances – anything we thought we could do without.  Including the maintenance husband still paid to his ex-wife (even though the children were in their 20’s!).   We eventually went to the Samaritans after I found he gone looking for his sleeping pills (I had hidden them).

After a few days Husband was asked to return stuff to the office and to attend a meeting.  He couldn’t even drive, so I had to go with him.  Details of our bank were requested and I kindly provided that…….   The meeting was brutal.  Husband was in a state of shock, I admitted his guilt for him.  Forensic Accountants led the meeting.  They told me to find a solicitor – what for thought I……

Then, just a week after the start of this, we discovered, quite by accident when attempting to log onto our bank account, that this had been suspended.  They had applied, and gained, an asset freezing order.

Now I really do feel ill again and am stopping.

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