What’s happened now….?

So, it has taken me this long to get over my last posting.  It’s not at all cathartic to look back and remind yourself what happened then.  It’s gut churning, sick making, really, really unpleasant.  I had a dream the other night that I’d actually murdered someone – don’t know who – but when I woke I was in a panic, thinking “oh no, the police are going to be after me, when is this going to end”.  Then I realised, as you do as you start to awake, that it wasn’t me they were after, it was my husband.  And then I understood what he must feel like every morning.

If there’s one and only one think I’d like my blog to do, that is to warn anyone, and I mean ANYONE, who deceives, crosses the line, does something they know not to be legal, then stop.  Don’t do it.  It marks you forever and the effects will hammer through your family in ways you cannot, at the time you do an illegal action, imagine.   We are 14 months down the line and we are still living in limbo.  Still without a bank account.  Still no trial date.

Legal Aid – nope, nothing yet.  They wanted clarification on the amount of interest my savings had earned.  Yes, that’s the £5,000 I’ve managed to save since all this kicked off, and no, that won’t pay for a lawyer.  I can only apologise now to the tax payer that you may find yourself funding this action.  It grieves me, it grieves my husband.  But it has to happen.  If the “other side” were being honest (and yes, I know, why should we expect honesty from someone to whom “he” has been dishonest to) then no solicitor to act for husband would be required.  But I am afraid when it comes to it, a lot of other garbage is being thrown in with the truth.

So….. no legal aid.  Sum of money taken from our account is still outstanding.  But at least the weather was nice over Easter.

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