History of events, part 4

I remember these things by looking back at the emails I sent to my sister.  A bit of background here….. my mummy was a very dominant part of our lives and when my sister said she wanted to go an live abroad, my mum uttered those immortal words “over my dead body”.  She was fine when she said it, unfortunately matters went downhill from there and she sadly passed away within a matter of months.  Very sudden, very unexpected, very horrible when I had to tell her she only had a matter of months to live.  But I digress.  My sister was able, without incurring the wrath of my mother, to emigrate with her new husband – lovely bloke, you know who you are.  I spent a very nice few hours on a mountainside in north Wales with him, watching a bright yellow rescue helicopter – little did we both know the same thing was to rescue his wife to be in a couple of years time…..   Anyway, again, I digress, again (this is too much decent 3.99 sainsbury’s red and Zero 7’s fault), where was I.   Yes, my sister had been living for a short time in a foreign country and we, husband and I, decided the best idea was to go abroad.  Well, that’s what they do in books don’t they.  Run off to the foreign legion.  The foreign legion was not quite in our physicality league, so we thought it might be a better idea to run off and hide in a foreign location.

I should note that potentially we were able to do this because the judge who confirmed the freezing order did decide that taking our passports because we might be a flight risk was a bit over the top.  We were not, and are still not, a flight risk, we just thought (naively) we could emigrate, I suppose we thought matters would be sorted in a few months (oh, my sides just split thinking of our naivety).  So we communicated with my sister and planned our departure.  This lifted husband’s spirits – the thought that we could plough a new life away from this country, that we surprisingly still love.  The only down side of our plans was husband’s children that obviously he would miss like absolute crazy.  But given his precarious mental state, this was something we could cling on to.

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