History of Events – part 5

I think I’m racing ahead of myself.  For your info, we had desperately been trying to find a solicitor even since meeting up with husband’s ex employer and the “forensic accountant” bought in to investigate matters.  Mr F.A (forensic Accountant) seemed to be having some kind of beautific dream of catching Mr Big.  He told husband at the meeting that this was just the tip of the iceberg and at my car after the meeting he looked at me and said “you’d better get a solicitor”.  Easier said than done.

Ok, let’s back track.  I think I made a fundamental error of judgement here.  I had to drive husband to this meeting that took place.  Husband was in no fit state to be trusted to be behind the wheel of a car.  I also have to advise that I had worked for the boss of husband’s (now ex) employer.   I stayed in the room at the meeting my husband had with his employer and Mr FA and I can’t remember if it was the first or second meeting – to be honest, the whole time period is a bit of a blur.  I just know that at some point I was asked by my husband if I would go in a meet my ex-employer, I don’t know why he wanted to see me.  I do know he said he hadn’t meant to drag me into the whole debacle.  Can’t remember without looking at notes what else was said except that when I got up to leave he said he thought I was going to hug him.  So I said “I’ll give you a hug” and did so.  And do you know what plays on my mind….. that he may have construed that act as coming from a cocky sort of person who thought they had got away with a dishonesty.  In reality is was the actions of a person who didn’t know what the hell was going or on or what was about to go on.

I do remember at this time trying desperately to get legal advise.  We found a solicitor who said he would act for us, in hindsight how the heck he thought we were going to pay him I have no idea.  He rather inflamed the situation in his first action, which was to write to the ex-employer and suggest a settlement.  I think it was a bit too soon after the event and all he got in return was a rather dismissive letter from the London Solicitors.  And then the guy that said he would help us and act for us went on holiday!  He passed our papers to a colleagues chambers and they then dropped us like hot cakes because they said ALL our money was tainted with stolen funds – yep, that’s what happens – it’s a bit like “one bad apple….” in our case it was one bad pound coin taints the whole bunch.  So we were back to square one with no lawyer again.

I see from my “sent” box that around this time I stated emailing any solicitor I could in an attempt to find someone, anyone who could help us.  We were trying to fend off “their” very keen, young, thrusting solicitor and I was trying to keep my husband from ending it all or taking some kind of revenge.  It was a turbulent time for me, a time I don’t like to dwell too much on.  Husband wouldn’t/couldn’t speak to anyone let alone call around solicitors and explain the situation we were in, so it was down to me.  I found out that the thing we were trying to get – Legal Aid for a Civil Matter – is more difficult than getting blood out of a stone.  Very, very few solicitors do this kind of work.  And because as this stage husband had not been arrested, a civil matter it was.

Education point number whatever….. did you know this?  Did you know that if someone accuses you of something and does not contact the police/Crown Prosecution Service it is “only” a civil matter.  You’ll be left high and dry without legal advice.  BE WARNED.

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