Just Say “NO”

We are still engaged in a battle with Legal Aid.  The collections people turned out to be very nice and understanding when husband called to say he could not pay the money by the end of the month, let alone the next day as was required.  It still has not gotten through to the Legal Aid team that our joint account continues to be “frozen” so it is me that will have to pay any money.  And Legal Aid is means tested, I didn’t realise that.  We’ve been assessed as having access to far more money than we do.  Hardship form has been returned with more copies of the same information that they originally received (and lost) and the first court appearance is looming.  Still no-one will look through the papers pertaining to the case.  Husband is adamant that he will represent himself rather than take another penny from me.  Very admirable, but if by having legal representation he ends up with a shorter sentence, I’d rather be penniless now than lonely in the future.

It’s always interesting being on the other side of a story and this one seems to be continually in the news – Legal Aid I mean, not ours.  Never having been a Tory supporter, I find it strange siding with Ken Clarke and his ideas on shorter sentencing.  Surely this is the way to save money, won’t more people end up serving sentences if they go to court without representation?  Isn’t it better not to lock up those who are blatantly no threat to society (yes, I know, I would say that wouldn’t I).  It is so, so easy to commit “white collar” crime and yet the devastating effects go much deeper and wider.  Please, take it from me, just do not be tempted, money is not everything in this world, just look around you and appreciate what you HAVE and not what you haven’t got.

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