History of Events – part 6

I think this point in the events was our lowest.  We had no internet access – being “honest” and upstanding, we’d been asked not to use the company installed broadband line and we duly obliged.  We also had to return all company property so were left with no computer, just my laptop, but no internet access. This did cause huge problems as I’ve mentioned previously, because we were dealing with a London company of solicitors who bombarded us with requests for information.  I was trying my best with a remote internet access thingy, which was hopeless.    We couldn’t decide whether we could now afford to get broadband on our home phone line, but eventually decided it was the best way out of the situation.  BT came up trumps eventually – we thought we’d cancelled our initial installation only to find they (BT) hadn’t done the cancelling – we were back on line.

I look back on my emails and boy were we given the run around.  One solicitor finally said he’d act for us, only to inflame matters with an off the cuff letter, and then he went on holiday.  His replacement (a different solicitor) decided ALL our money was tainted and therefore could not act for us.

Around about this time I started searching the web for anyone who might be able to help us and sent emails to anyone who looked as though they had experience in this complex field.  Still being bombarded with legal documents from “the other side” meant days were spent for me – in a whirl, for my husband – sitting on a chair alternating between crying over what he was putting me through, crying for the shame of what he had done and crying at the thought of how meaningless his life now was.

I’m trying to remember the order of “stuff” but it is difficult.  I know we walked and walked and walked in an effort to combat the depression.  Husband was reluctantly taking anti-depressants and I was issuing him sleeping pills at night, then hiding them.  He couldn’t sleep without medication, he’d get up in the middle of the night – I set a video up in the spare bedroom so he could watch tv, but sitting in the dark going over events was more preferable to him.    It was a dark, dark time.  And apart from the help and support of friends, we were alone, incapable of dealing with the wolves at the door.

I’ve decided my blog needs more structure as I get too confused with what happened when.  So I’m going to go back through my emails and next time will be more in order!

One thought on “History of Events – part 6

  1. I dont know what to say Carol, its terrrible what your going through, looking forward to Sunday, a bit of light relief for you, Im sure. The Kent Show will help, I just hope the sun shines for us, cant wait to see the lurvelly Jersey Cows and fresh Cherries and strawberries yum yum.

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