How much is a wife responsible?

Did I tell you we went to court alone, they had many a solicitor on their side, we had…. well, I thing I took a twix to keep me going.  I didn’t handle this very well, I think I spent most of the time in tears thinking of the legal bills they were running up.

OK, message to all you kids out there – want to make a mint?  Study, study and study and become a solicitor.  Than basically you can charge what you like for sitting on your tooty in a chair.  Brilliant.  Why didn’t I study that hard?  Whilst in the ante-room to the court, I was besieged by a woman acting for the other side, who said the only reason she had called me at 9pm was so that we were prepared for the meeting.  Hmmm, 9pm, to my home, to me who hadn’t done anything.  Where exactly was the kindness in that act.  I just failed to see it.

I started emailing anyone I could find on the internet who might help us.  Again and again “we do not cover civil legal aid” except for one lady, Marie, who suddenly, like a lighthouse in a raging sea, suggested a company I might contact who might be able to help me ringfence my money.

You have to bear in mind that prior to marrying my husband, I had my own home, my own income, my own savings.  These were in the process of being eroded by the decisions of my husband.  Is this right?  I know you marry “for richer, for poorer” but where does the line in the sand end?  It looked like we were going to have to pay back sums of money, but where would the balance end?

We had to agree to a HUGE sum of money, and I mean HUGE, for the initial costs incurred by the forensic accounts.  Amazingly the judge thought these costs were reasonable.  You could have knocked me down with a feather.  Reasonable?  If you earned that amount of money in a year, you would have been considered extremely well paid.  I know there were a team of accountants, but really, the amount was excessive.

The only way of paying this sum of money was for an “asset” to be liquidated.  So that was one bill sorted, what about going forward?  We tried (unsuccessfully) at one point to withdrawn my inheritance passed to me by my mother on her demise, but it was decided that the money in our account was so “tainted” with “stolen” sums that it was not possible to say whether these funds were clean.  What really hurt was the words used “alleged” inheritance, like I’d lied about the death of my mum.

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