So that’s it, some 18 months of anxiety and now it’s 3 years.

In court yesterday for the sentencing hearing.  I’m afraid I lost my cool when told that it would look as if husband had originally not told the truth.  What, says we, he always admitted his guilt.  But, you see there were some things he really did not do, some amounts he really did not take, but because he was told by the barrister that he would get a lesser sentence for pleading guilty at the first instant, he did as was told i.e., pleaded guilty to some things that he did not do.  There’s no paper trail to back up what he did or didn’t do, it’s just one persons word against another’s.  We were advised that a jury would have no sympathy for my husband because he was on an excellent wage ergo why did he feel the need to steal.  That is really missing the point.  But heck, when you go through the legal system, you quickly learn that there is no colour shading, it’s just black and white.  There’s no moral high ground to be had – you either did it or else you did not.  So even though those around him did what he did, they were not on trial and it was their company and they are allowed to take as much as they like out of it.

Mention was made in court of the fact that my husband took money from a “duplicate account”.  This is where money was paid to the company he worked for twice.  I was really hoping that during the trial someone would ask the question “has money been paid back to those people who paid twice?”  No questions like that were asked, and I am led to believe that it was an awful lot of money that was paid into this duplicate account.  But I can no longer get involved – hopefully one day the company in question will conduct an audit and realise they are a bit short of cash and then go in search of it.

I have my first experience of prison visiting tomorrow.  It is farcical trying to book a visit on the phone – the lines, and there are two of them, are permanently engaged – oh no, not when they go off at lunch time, silly me.  You do not have a hope in hell of getting through.  However, you can now book via email – yet again a reason that everyone has to have email – which I did so and I received a curt response giving me a date of tomorrow.  Nope, don’t try having your own life if a loved one is banged up, your life goes on hold too.

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