10 days is a long time for the wife of a convict

10 days since my last post….. 10 long tedious days….. and what has caused me to break my silence?  Well, where exactly shall we start.

Am I right to blog?  Why do people blog?  Is this just a strangulated cry for help? Is it legal to name and shame on a blog?  Surely if I am just writing what has happened to me and carefully put both sides of an argument I cannot be accused of anything.  I just get so tired of having to deal with what I can only describe as “crap” in my husband’s absence.  Actually, it’s “crap” of his making, not mine.  The fact that it affects me is grossly unfair.  I know I married my husband, for better or worse, but really, how much worse does matters have to get before you say “hang on a minute”…….

Ok, I’ll not hold you in suspense any more.  Before my husband went away for a brief sojourn at Her Majesty’s Pleasure, he put in his final invoices to the companies he was working for.  Two of those companies paid without question money that was owing to husband.  The third of those companies, actually the one I had worked for previously, has decided that she needs to take advice in view of what my husband has “done”.   Apparently rather than pay the invoices due to my husband, she is “assessing the cost” to her company because of the “fall out”.  Apparently she has spent “hours” and even “weekends” on this and has also been advised (no doubt by a very expensive accountant) to conduct a full audit on her company.

To say I am spitting teeth is an understatement.  My husband, after being suspended from the company he confessed to stealing from, whilst awaiting trial, worked for her.  Worked weekends for her.  Worked evenings whilst we lived in a bloody caravan for her.  I worked for her, not charging her if I worked overtime.  When I left her company (because she could not afford to pay me the going rate for my services) she asked me to return to work for her.  I did so, in my free evenings after I finished my day job.  She told me she would pay me for this work – did she?  No, she did not, but she was happy for me to continue to work for nothing.

And now, for reasons that only she knows, she has been “advised” to withhold payment.  What a disgraceful act.  I only hope the auditor that conducts her audit charges the same pitiful amount of hourly rate that my husband charged her.  To think she had the audacity to call both myself and my husband her friend.  She is yet another one of these false friends.  Once who was pleased to take but now hides when my husband is away and cannot defend himself.  What a coward.

So, since hubby has been locked up, I have lost my job because I told my company what he did, I cannot take them to a tribunal because I was not employed for long enough.  I am running out of money because I am no longer working and now, when I think that money that is due to me, it is being withheld by someone so whiter than white ……. I’m sorry, I am so, so, so cross, I had better not continue.

I’m still job seeking though, still smiling!  I will get work, I have done nothing NOTHING wrong.  I am being punished for standing by my husband – and he did what he did because the people he worked for were themselves disreputable.  I know in my heart that one day, one day there will be a comeuppance for these types of people.  I also know that not only will I trust no-one, but that if I do trust them and that trust is broken, then surely I am free to tell the world how hard done by I am.

Thank you, and goodnight.

One thought on “10 days is a long time for the wife of a convict

  1. Another reason for someone to get away with doing the right thing. Let’s face it, she’s not paying because she can’t and she knows you are an easy target. One of these days, you’ll be the sodding pigeon and you can crap on the rest of the world. Or at least your so-called friends. What brings you down, makes you stronger and you are a much better person than some out there. I love you sister. I wish I could magic up a job. xxxxxx

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