I’ve resigned!

Yabadabadoooo….. I’ve resigned!  At last, I have a good reference and a letter to confirm that for personal reasons, I resigned from my previous occupation.  The job I really wanted, that I put my all into, and left under circumstances that those who know me, know what happened.  Thank heavens a temp job has come up because money is something I am in dire need of.

I drafted this comment a while ago – I sought the advice of a solicitor and amazingly was advised that it would be highly unlikely for a case of discrimination to be successful at an employment tribunal, especially given my short length of service.   In the view of the solicitor, the emails discussing what my husband had done, in relation to whether or not I should have advised my employer, could have been read as sympathetic towards my situation (!).  So I said “stuff it” can’t they let me resign then.  It cost me a solicitors letter, but they have agreed that I resigned and sent me my final salary and a reference – phew, glad that event is over.  Lesson learned: shut thy mouth.

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