Sorry Sainsbury’s, I can’t work for you

I hope I did the right thing by turning down the Sainsbury’s job.  I panicked.  Thought, after the last job debacle, that I was unemployable.  So the idea of working 24hrs a week, guaranteed, even though on a very low salary, was better than potentially not working at all.  I applied on-line, did the tests, passed, was invited for an interview, did some more tests (admission:  I struggled with the question  if someone bought 13 bottles of shampoo at .83p each (aha, person after my own heart, why waste money on shampoo) and they gave you a £20.00 note, how much change would they get?  Doh! Whatever it says on the automatic till change calculator machine…..) but apparently everyone struggles with that one!  But, nonetheless, I was a successful applicant.  But should I take on the job.  It wasn’t until I sat down and did my maths (with the aid of a calculator) that I worked out my income would just about cover my monthly bills!  I would, obviously, have to find another job to fit in around the 24hrs, but as a part time worker, I know that I will not find a high salary.  So, reluctantly, even though I so wanted to wear the “counter staff” hat (you know the one, with the netting to keep you hair out of the food) and learn how to pass a defrosted blob of pizza base through a machine, I had to turn down the offer.  Visions of me manning the Sainsbury’s pizza oven in the centre of the store went up in smoke, like my pizza’s would have done.

No, I have decided to take the plunge and accept any temporary work that comes along with the two agencies I am registered with.  Even if I have to do boring data entry work, it doesn’t matter.  And I won’t have to work weekends and over Christmas, which is something I was struggling to get my head around. 

Where am I with all my other outstanding issues, I hear you ask?  I’ve given up.  Husband has told me not to try struggling on alone and to send him his correspondence – he will deal with any future shitty issues.  We will be putting in a Small Claim to recover the monies owed to us by the ex-employer, but must warn her first of our intentions.  I’ve received a very nice explanation (at last) from the Legal Aid people.  If I knew know what I’d known then…. No, that’s not right…. It’s those known unknowns all over again.  If I knew then what I know now, we wouldn’t have gone to half the trouble to tell the Legal Aid people every single detail of out outgoings/incomings.  They seem to work on a “oh you worked for one month, we’ve multiplied that by 12 and that’s your annual salary”.  Fine if you had a job for a year, but if you were self employed, like both of us, and having the threat of prison hanging over you, meaning you couldn’t work, then that sheds a different light on the matter.  But no worries, I’m not going to dwell on it.  I’ve been advised that I won’t be chased for the money we owe and that I haven’t got, until husband gets out of prison.  Phew.

So, you you know what, I don’t think I currently have any problems – eek, what a strange feeling.  I’m sure something will come out of the post box in the week, it just has to.

ps: apologies for the change of font, I cut and pasted and can’t get the font the same.

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