I go public

The author and that terrible criminal of a husband
Well, been on the radio, might as well show my face.  This is me and the millionaire fraudster, sometimes known as the  “crooked finance director” (well only by our local paper).  This was taken by my lovely sister on a visit over from New Zealand.    As part of the background to events, I haven’t yet mentioned that I was due to go and see her, last June I think, but unfortunately, one of the airmile flights my husband stole from SBS was for me to travel, alone, to NZ*.  We did pay, in February 2010, belatedly, I know you will say, to SBS a cheque to cover the cost of the flight – some £1,000 plus – but unfortunately, for me, they cashed the cheque, then about a month I suppose before I was due to go (even though I didn’t want to leave my husband), they cancelled the flight without telling me and kept the money.  What guys!
* the other airmile flights was (a) our trip to attend the memorial service for the father of my husband’s Chicago work colleague in Rome and (b) inexcusably a holiday to Italy.

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