To a potential employer

I’ve taken a bit of a risk, but under my new banner of “live for today” I felt the risk was a necessary one.  I have linked this blog to every other form of social media I contribute to.  That in itself is not desperately dangerous, but I decided to also publish the link to my blog on my “LinkedIn” site.  LinkedIn, for those who don’t know, is a Business social networking site.

I have been worrying for a while now, about the answer I would give during a job interview, to the question “what does your husband do for a living”?  This puts me in a bit of a predicament.  Most importantly, it is a question that is not allowed at interview, however, if I did choose to answer, and it would be strange and suspicious if I did not, and I fudged my response, I could be accused, at a later stage, of lying at interview – and perhaps again lose my job.   If I choose to tell the truth, I could well not be employed on the basis of my husband’s past actions.

Honesty is still, for me, the best policy.  Although I do not want to go around saying “Hi I’m Carol, my husband’s currently serving three years for theft”, my whole life has changed.   My attitudes, sympathies and the reasons why I do what I do on a daily basis has changed.  The aspirations I had for the future, how I lived daily life, everything.  Remember, I had given up work to be a “housewife” before all this kicked off, I had to re-start my career.  Previously I worried not at all about money, it was there, we had a pension, life cover, sickness cover, we were insured to the back teeth.  If something broke down, we replaced it.  To not talk about this to others is extremely difficult – just the question “did you do anything nice at the weekend” puts me on my guard.  My weekend comprises of visiting my husband for one and a half hours every Saturday, so really I only spend Sunday doing “nothing”.

At my current position I have evaded any questions, I speak about the past, but not the future.  If I was to be asked a direct question “so what does your husband do?” I don’t know how I’d answer.  I am only a temporary secretary here so do not feel obliged to tell the full, unexpurgated truth.  But when I go for an interview, I think this will be different.  My last job I lost – on their part because I committed a gross misconduct in printing off, discussing and taking home an email (which was about me and what my husband had done).  I asked if I could resign rather than be sacked, for what I considered was not a gross misconduct, and eventually this was agreed.  The company felt there had been a breakdown of trust.  Do I want this to occur again – no way – I’d rather the truth was known before I started working or never revealed at all.  Given that I am applying for PA (Personal Assistant) positions, the chances are I will work closely with my employer and there will be a higher likelihood that the truth will be revealed.

So in a way, I am hoping that any links will be followed to this place and that if what my husband did is considered “a problem” to a future employer, I hope I will not be interviewed.  Maybe if asked the question I could just refer a potential employer here…..

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