(with apologies to Daily Mail readers) Thankfully Prisoners Call Home

Well, I seem to have got my knickers in a twist for nothing.  Husband has just called me.  He doesn’t normally call on a Sunday, but on a whim, decided to.  Of course I told him how upset I’d made myself believing he was not due home until 2013, and he calmly explained that he’d already received notification of his FLED – Facility Licence Eligibility Date (thanks to http://www.insidetime.org/info-glossary.asp for the explanation)  and this is when he will be due for his “town visit” and that’s on 11 May 2012.  So I’ve just spent the last 24hours in a deep gloom all for nothing.  He promises me he will try not to let the boredom overcome him and that he will get through this.

That’s all I needed to know.  I’m happy again now.

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