Yorkshire’s with your Christmas Turkey: Yes or No?

Oh my lemons, there’s hot debate going around in the run up to Christmas.  I’ve already mentioned the Family Action research which has calculated that a budget Christmas will cost a family of four (two adults and two kids) £34.25 (Carol’s Calcs = £8.56 each – no adjustments for child portions).   Now I see that the University of Nottingham reckons the cost of an average Christmas dinner for six will set you back £74.00 (Carol’s Calcs = £12.33 per portion – age of participants not given).

Contentious issue this – go have a look at the picture on the BBC web site http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-nottinghamshire-16146246 and tell me if you can spot the Yorkshire puddings?  Nope, thought not.  So what are they spending their £74.00 on?  I can’t find a breakdown, but since I first discussed the budget Christmas, there has been hot debate in the circles I move in over whether or not Yorkshires should be served with Turkey.  If the average family of six are well bought up types and appreciate that Yorkshires are not served with Turkey, then there’s a saving to be had.  On the other hand, if the “average” chef is splashing out this year and, say, decides to visit Waitrose, they could spend as much as £1.45 on a pack of 6 (non-frozen) Yorkshires.   The budget family are lucky, they get 15 frozen Tesco ones for a mere .49p, but will there be enough leftovers for Bubble & Squeak the next day?   Or are they just surviving on frozen Yorkshires for the rest of the festive period?   What’s going on, questions need to be asked.  Yorkshires or no Yorkshires?

I eagerly await the next Christmas dinner research, into what a family with a nice Christmas bonus is going to spend on their festive meal?  But please give us the details.

PS: I am very pleased with myself because I have managed to purchase our Turkey Crown in exchange for all my Sainsbury’s points – standard!  This will skew my already skewed figures, but I’ll let you know the outcome.  Purchased and in the freezer thus far are Sausages wrapped in bacon (BOGOF) and Stuffing (no BOGOF but b*gg*red if I could faff around making it this year).   Oh and a panic buy of Profiteroles for £1.00 – given my documented experienced of homemade batter making, I thought it would be better to buy frozen).

3 thoughts on “Yorkshire’s with your Christmas Turkey: Yes or No?

  1. Yorkshire’s with everything I say and I make the best in the world!

    PS ….I am the same with mint sauce….as my bottle says “It is not just for lamb!”

  2. i think our budget xmas dinner will rival yours…. crackers, cheese and chilli jam for lunch, followed by a bit of chocolate and perhaps some nuts. For Xmas tea, a nice dehydrated beef curry with some whiskey to chase. Unsure what we can have for afters…..meringues are light but will be powder by the time we eat them!

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