Leap Year Day

As regular spammers of my blog know, and those from various African countries who offer me large amounts of money, I spend my fiddling around hours listening to Radio 4.  The PM programme has been asking listeners what they will be doing on Wednesday 29 February – Leap Year Day – and I’ve been racking my brains as to how I could celebrate the day.

It suddenly came to me.  I have to work, can’t afford to take time off and there was the answer to my problem.  I have been offered a brand new, full time role at the company where I am currently temping.  And then it came to me again, February – it’s been a full 2 years now since “before all the evil”.  I really can’t believe where the time has gone.  I have gone from poodling around, spending my time learning German, learning the piano, sewing, cooking, gardening, all those old time skills, to having to earn a living to support myself and my husband.  And I’ve done it.  I’m bloomin’ pleased with myself.

In fact I’m so pleased I helped myself to the last dregs of a bottle of red without bothering to dirty a glass (saving on washing up is also a busy worker’s role).

Two years ago (I shake my head at the memories), two years ago, just before Valentine’s Day, that fateful day Mike came home and little did I realise our lives were to change forever.

I am happier.  I am almost off the anti-depressants (will be by the end of the month – another milestone for me).  I’m in control of my own finances.  I can make ends meet.  I have bought a chicken coop (whoops, how did that get in there).  Spring is on it’s way, I can sniff it in the air.  So I am relishing that extra day.  It will also be 75 days more to tick off until Mike’s first home leave.

It can be done, you can turn your life around.  I know I’m extremely lucky in that I have a roof over my head with no mortgage or rent to pay – without that I’d have been done for.  On the other hand, I wouldn’t have had the upkeep and bills to pay. The house is still terribly dated, but that can be fixed up later.  Work is the key thing, without earning my own money I don’t know what would have become of me.

So I’m pleased and proud to be working on that extra day, and rather than take a day off and celebrate, I will be celebrating inside, at work and planning my next achievement!

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