To remind me

Today I found, in my spare bedroom, where my nephew is sleeping, the wrapping of a chocolate bar (Lindt) that he bought me for Christmas.  Funny that.  Thought I’d eaten the the third bar of Green and Black’s when I found it gone.  Thought there was no way the nephew would stoop that low, surely, to go up into my bedroom and take my chocolate.  How wrong was I.

I’ve also found his cannabis pipe in the outhouse.  I suspect he’d tell me he’s taken up pipe smoking.  This goes along with the sweet smell I smelt in his room when I arrived home Thursday night.  He told me he’d accidentally lit up a cigarette in the house.  Silly Aunty Carol believed him.

I’ve also discovered that far from going on the internet every day to look at the various web sites, his browsing history shows a clear and dedicated interest in Facebook.  Only a handful of web site that might have jobs have been visited.

And he has a drawer full of x 20 cv’s that someone kindly printed for him.  He told me he had handed them all out.

Never, mind, 31st March Ben. Then you are out of my home.

3 thoughts on “To remind me

  1. oh cripes Carol, It is not fair you have helped him and look how he repays you. How can he afford drugs, they are not cheap are they. I can understand him not distributing the CVs but he should have said to you he cant do that. I dont see the point because if there was a job there they would say. I think you are right to chuck him out. He has to learn not to tell LIES.

    Your doing so well, you ve got a job, you must keep your chin up and living with Ben is obviously not helping. Its coming up to a year now, Mike will soon be back with you.

    Anyway chin up Carol and look forward not behind. Love Helen xxxx

    1. thank Helen for your support. It is really difficult – you love someone and try to help them, but sometimes they just cannot help themselves. I have given up, I just can’t do any more. Hope you are well xxxx

  2. Couldn’t have put it better myself Helen. Thinking about a hostel is the only way I think. He doesn’t appear to have visited the Job centre or the agencies very much eh. I think he really wants to stay on at college and doss about in a hostel then. It’s his only choice.

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