How much notice do you have to give to postpone a home visit?

It’s awkward typing this, not embarrassing awkward, just awkward –  I have my Digital Thermometer tucked in my arm pit, like every good hypochondriac would.  Trouble is, unlike the good hypo’s of this world, I don’t own a medical one and this is the probing type I use to check my jam is setting.  We are currently up to 33 degree’s C, is that normal?  It’s still rising by the way.

Of all the times to contract what very much feels like flu, I have to go through hell and back for two years healthy, wait 9 months for my husband to come out on a Home Visit, and the day before, I drop like a stone.  35 degree’s C now…. I should check what is “normal”.

I’ve been ticking off the days, planning, baking, changing beds, attempting, thinking about minimum, doing the housework then at work a couple of days ago I felt “a little chesty”.  I think we’ve peaked at 35.4, no 35.5. I thought, bah, a cold, I’ll deal with that – Manuka honey, lemon and trusty bottle of whiskey (35.6) – that’ll knock that on the head.  And .7.  Nose blowing caused it to jump to .8.  Husband came home on a “Town Visit” (with permission from the Governor to come home) yesterday, (.9) and I think we had a nice day, chatting, that’s what I miss so much, he was the person I talked to day in day out.  We went for a walk (in retrospect perhaps not a good idea) – 36.0 – and then I felt very tired and like the good old days, we just lay on top of the bed together – he held me, beautiful, and I slept!

Typical, I can’t even get a temperature right – apparently “normal” is 37 degrees, point one or two lower when taken under the arm, I don’t even have a temperature.  Double checking by sticking probe in my mouth now, best to be safe than sorry.  Trouble is probe is too long and it now looks as if I’m dead because the exposed area is making the temperature plummet.  37.2 – So even my cup of tea is healthy, a bit luke warm though.

So now I have to wait for 9am tomorrow to go get hubby and we have another go – no, it is not possible for the Prison authorities to “knit together” a Town Visit and a Home Leave so he gets three days at home.  I must go back up to the prison, I have to go in and advise them that I am there to collect him (like collecting kids from school), then he’s home Monday, Tuesday and back Wednesday – not til 6pm as I originally thought, but to just 3pm.  Apparently this is because shifts change and the prison authorities like to check everyone back in.  Plus, apparently, and we don’t yet have details, he may have to go see his probation officer during the home visit too.  There was me thinking three whole days of bliss, yet again Carol, wake up and smell the coffee!

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