Baby it’s hot outside

What a week – I’ve been busier than an ant farm that a kid’s just poked with a stick.  I don’t mind, it’s made the week fly by and that’s good considering I’m almost in countdown mode (saving the actual start of countdown until we roll into September).  On Monday, I heard via the grapevine that I’d gained the Customer Service Award for the month of July.  This was news to me because I didn’t know we had Customer Service Awards and also that I’d been nominated.  It would appear, the announcement is now official, that this is a new scheme and my company now awards Customer Service and Employee of the Month.  Although I’m pleased with my award, I wonder how on earth I’m now going to achieve Employee of the Month.   I take Customer Service as second nature – why would you not want a happy customer…. but Employee of the Month.  Darn.  I want that one.

So as we rolled into Saturday I was thinking of relaxing and having a go at garden redesign.  Things have come to a halt at the bottom of the garden.  Mike has decided it is a “big job” and one for professionals.  He wants decking.  If he can pay for decking, he can have decking.  But the top of the garden, well, that’s a different matter.  I want a bit of grass.  So, on what turned out to be the hottest day so far (hit 32 degrees in Suffolk, and couldn’t have been that far off down here in Kent) I was thinking of wielding sledgehammer and shovel to take out one of the many granite block walls that haunt our garden.   I slept in the spare room last night, the attic bedroom being too stifling to even think sleep would be possible.  To keep a nice air flow in I left the bedroom door open, so by 3am, with four cats in or around the bed, I had a fit and shooed them all out and finally got some sleep.   When I eventually got up, I sat with one eye on the coffee and the other on the slowly rising thermometer and eventually thought “sod it”.  There’s only one thing to do when it gets that hot – go lie down and bank up some well earned sleep.  So I did a quick bit of sewing indoors and then as everything began to wilt and pant I laid down on the bed, put the ceiling fan on and got a nice three hours of well deserved sleep under my belt.

I did have a go at the wall when it cooled down at 6pm, helped by chickens on the look out for anything that moved.  And now it’s 9.30pm and would you believe it, I can’t wait to go to bed again.

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