Notes from a hypochondriac

I have a bad throat ergo I am dying.

If I go into this slightly deeper, you might get my drift.  A couple of weeks ago I developed a pain behind my left shoulder blade.  Thinking I’d slept on a lump (?) I dismissed it.  I only felt it rarely at work, more so lying in bed at night.  Then a week or so ago I started feeling a pain in my neck, not a pain in the neck, that I am always.  I put this down to being hectically busy at work and getting stressed about not completing everything by the end of the day.  The pain then travelled up my neck and now rests in my throat.  It’s that apple core throat I had once before.  But this time with the warm sensation behind the shoulder blade.

I say I had this before, that was a couple of years ago, after our mum died, suddenly and unexpectedly of cancer of the oesophagus.  That was after her brother died of the same cancer just in his 50’s.  So you see where I’m headed.  

I now have an aching oesophagus and back pain – I give myself 6 months which is a shitter given that we’ve just come out of the woods on our horrendous experience and have never been happier as a couple.  It would be just typical.  Anyway, I’m going to attempt to get a gp appointment (blood – stone etc) and see what they say.  Personally I think a dose of happy pills would suffice, but just to be safe, I’ll go and get myself checked out.

The brain – what a thing to have to carry around with you, it’s a pain in the backside. I’m sure this is all psychological, but at the same time the symptoms are very real.  I have been an “out of the closet” hypochondriac for many years, I know I am one therefore I do tend to dismiss all the minor ailments as figments of my imagination.  But this one is getting me down.  


One thought on “Notes from a hypochondriac

  1. Oh cripes Carol hope you are okay. It may be anxiety. Make sure you do go Drs can you go after or before work. I wont say I pray for you as Im not religeous let me know what happens. Its a good thing to be hypochondriac than naive. Im sure your be okay.

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