Falling at the last hurdle

Things aren’t panning out too well at present.  I’ve supported my husband in the year since his release.  We’ve gone through horrible ups and downs, fought depression, debt collectors and all the stigma of either being an ex-offender or living with an ex-offender.  But now, so close to the business actually taking off, a curved ball has been thrown that is shedding doubt on the whole operation.

The ethos of the business is to introduce a new life for those guys who want to turn their backs on crime and to become law-abiding, tax-paying, family supporting citizens, WITH criminal records, but not defined by them.  It still can be done.  It must be done.

We’ve all come this far and it would be desperate at the point of breakthrough to give in.

8 thoughts on “Falling at the last hurdle

  1. So hope everything works out alright for you, our son was released from prison just over one month ago he is working but its early days for him and his partner but we hope for the best. Regards and Best Wishes Katrina.

  2. Hang on in there! The inefficiency of the prison system has appalled me. It appears to be more about locking people up than setting people up to be good citizens. The Government state that prisoners should work inside but my husband ‘s experience is that there is not enough work and it is frequently cancelled due to meetings, staff shortages etc. Thank you for taking positive steps .

    1. Thanks for the words of support Sandy. They are so near to starting that it would be tragic to give up now. You are correct, employment inside (and for that matter after release) is nigh on impossible. They’ve come up with such a worthwhile scheme i’d be so proud of them both if they just can get over this latest hurdle. Let’s keep everything crossed!

    1. No, not significant Susan, i forgot to give my posting a title! Afraid i can’t say what the curved ball is as it involves husband’s business partner and as ever i will only blog about what i know. Husband could carry on but it would be sad and difficult for him to have to do so alone.

  3. Thanks Christopher, but no, Unlocked couldn’t help – there just wasn’t the will to make the venture work. It’s not yet dead, but very much on the back burner. Enjoying your blog though.

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