The anniversary of “All the Evil” 11th Feb 2010

As I drift off to sleep, it pops into my head that it’s the anniversary of our life changing experience.  And, madly, sometimes I feel guilt!  If I hadn’t said anything, would they have discovered what had happened?  But then I remind myself that Mike would have continued in a miserable existence at SBS and most likely our marriage would not have survived.  So, you win some, you lose some.  I consider us a team, and although we are the poorer financially – emotionally, Team Clark survived.

Not a lot has happened lately – 330, the company that was to employ offenders and ex-offenders continues to dribble in the jaws of the Leviathan that is National Rail.  I’m fed up with funding the project on my modest salary, in the hope of saving the Government millions – perhaps it was a naive dream, who knows.  I get up, go to work, come home knackered like the rest of society.  Our house is still a mess, but we do have a lovely new (if over-charged) bathroom, so at least I can seek sanctuary there.   SBS is no more, the owners cashed in and sold out, it’s gone.  I’m relieved in a way, another part of our life we can bury and forget.

And so I wonder about this blog.  I could change its focus – I rarely have time or energy to update any more to rail against the Justice Secretary.  I believe the fury has left me and I am temporarily bobbing around awaiting the next challenge – it’s not yet arrived, but I’m sure it’s lurking around the corner.

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