What a lovely surprise

I’ve been completely taken by surprise today and have been nominated for a “One Lovely Blog Award”.  My fellow, but more regular blogger, Susan Grossey, who is the author of several books on financial crime and money laundering, kindly nominated me.  Susan thought of me after she received a nomination for her historical fiction site http://susangrossey.wordpress.com.  I must admit, that I became aware of Susan’s brilliant blog www.ihatemoneylaundering.wordpress.com when I felt it was my place to leap to the defence of some (I emphasize some) white collar criminals!  Susan graciously accepted my comment and I’ve followed her ever since!

As Susan rightly points out, my blogs are not so regular now – I find it difficult to find the time now I’m no longer at home alone after work, but that is a good thing.  I’ll try to change that, but for now, just a big thank you to Susan and, to abide by the rules of the nomination, I have some tasks to do:

I must:

  • Post the award logo on your blog – when Susan sends me the link and I discover how to do so.
  • Share seven interesting facts about yourself – oh dear, I’ll do my best.
  • Pass the award on by nominating other bloggers.

I’m going to put my nominations first, in the hope that you won’t bother scrolling down to ready my interesting facts (cunning….).

I would like to nominate:

https://christopherstacey.wordpress.com – Christopher shares his views and news about criminal records, social inclusion and the voluntary sector on his blog.  He has more interesting things to say than me given his work for Unlock.

I’d also nominate Frances Crook at  http://www.howardleague.org/francescrookblog for an award, but am not sure if this link is only reserved for WordPress blogs!  And I’m afraid to admit I can’t think of any other blogs that I regularly follow.

However, my interesting facts are:

  1. I’m learning Argentine Tango (but I hate Strictly Come…..)
  2. I know that a full bladder can fill a large coffee jar.
  3. I cheated in the egg and spoon race at Junior School
  4. My inside leg measurement used to be the same as my hip size.
  5. I have a fear of spontaneous combustion – not me, but talking to someone, seeing a blinding light and only a leg and shoe remains.
  6. I don’t like lifts – when the doors open I expect to see a corpse inside.
  7. I never, ever believe what I read. And you shouldn’t either.

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