New Year, New Blog

Or is it a facelift?  I might be saying farewell to a few of my readers (oh, I do make myself laugh), but I’m changing my blog topic.  It’s having a revamp. Instead of berating the world of criminal justice (and it’s still a topic close to my heart), I going to please myself and show to the internet world, what I do in my spare time. I’m only sorry I didn’t start this years ago and could have shown you my attempts at:

  • cricket ball mozzarella cheese – in taste and consistency
  • homemade lingerie you wouldn’t want your enemy to have to wear
  • exploding strawberry wine (however, what remained in the bottle was delicious)
  • the pig carcass wherein I discovered the long lost delicacy of pork chop with kidney attached
  • the cow carcass wherein I discovered the true size of the meaty beast and the necessity of a chest freezer
  • sausage making
  • pig ear boiling
  • air dried ham (fine once I poured boiling water on it to kill the bluebottle lava)
  • the corset making (hmmm let’s not go there)
  • sock making
  • bag making
  • leather glove making (yes, I gave up on that one)
  • small child, embarrassment causing items of clothing (still working on those)
  • bee keeping
  • pasta making
  • chicken losing
  • willow weaving

You name it, if I think “hang on, I could make that”, then plunge in I do.  Anyway, must go now as my breadmaker seems to have broken down so I am mid loaf making.  Might show you a picture as it seems the more piccies the better.

Hope you enjoy and encourage the kids to HAVE A GO!

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