Yarn is on the way….

Rowan woolRowan Yarns wool in Charcoal Heather

Haven’t knitted in a while, although winter is half way through, still time to knock out a woolly pully! Discovered http://www.Ravelry.com and shall be knitting an “England Avenue” cardy, very appropriately named, by Megan Goodacre.  This time next year it might be wearable.  I’ve also, via Ravelry, discovered a second pattern and decided that after I’ve flummoxed this one, I’ll move onto http://www.skdyarns.net and knit up the gorgeous thing currently called “cable knit jumper in alfa”.  Very nice man sent me a Paypal link super fast and if I purchase the yarn from them (which I will as it is very reasonably priced for 85% Wool, 15% Mohair) then I get the pattern foc – super offer.  And that’s me occupied until 2017 I reckon.

2 thoughts on “Yarn is on the way….

  1. nice to see your comment regards the “very nice man at SKD” He does go the extra mile…and he has a great sense of humour…..and good taste in women ( it’s my hubby 🙂

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