My challenge to steer clear of supermarkets…. for a month

OK, I might be setting myself up here, given I work from 9-6pm, don’t get to go out at lunchtime and even if I did, work in the countryside, nowhere near a shop, but I’ve just taken the rash decision to steer clear of supermarkets – for a month.  If successful, I’ll continue to steer clear of supermarkets!

This should not be as difficult as it sounds because:

  • I don’t have kids 🙂
  • I already make my own bread
  • I work for a wholesale local fruit and vegetable supplier
  • I have a freezer stuffed with recently made butter (oops)
  • I live near the fantastic food hall “Macknade Fine Foods” …. whom I’m more than happy to plug
  • There are frequent farmer’s markets in Faversham town

So easy……  hmmm, famous last words.  Why am I doing this?  I’ve long been a follower of both Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall (even attended one of his “nose to tail” pork weekends when I was flushed with cash) and Joanna Blythman (read “Shopped” on holiday one year and now keenly follow her work) and both have shaken me out of my apathy – or line of least resistance – and made me want to stop shopping in supermarkets.  I knew I should have done this years ago when a Manager in Sainsbury advised they didn’t stock gorgeously sweet, plump muscat grapes because “there’s no call for them”.  I was dumbfounded, if you’ve ever tasted a muscat, you’d shun the tasteless green pimples pushed by supermarkets.  The only reason for them not being stocked is probably down to price (I suspect they are costlier than the loss-leaders currently being stocked) and ripeness – ripe ones are rather delicate meaning supermarkets would encounter a high degree of damaged fruit.

I know i’m going to struggle with washing items – clothes and dishwashing – but I do know that Ecover refill empties at other farmer’s markets.  Also, think of the packaging i’ll cut down on.  It has to be a good idea.

So here goes……….

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