I went shopping and I bought….

I just wanted to restock with more plain white tee shirts, but sadly M&S didn’t have any on display, so I had to leave empty handed.  I’m a bugger when it comes to clothes shopping, I either buy something that I think looks fantastic, only to discover at home I look like a dog’s dinner, mutton dressed up as lamb or a frumpmeister, or what looks good on a hanger doesn’t come in my size.  I get quickly disheartened and move on.  However, I’ve now discovered a pattern that actually suits me AND has the added benefit of being quite flattering.  IMG_1106The first Megan Dress I made from Love at First Stitch by Tilly and the Buttons was slightly too large.  I’d grabbed a lovely roaring red piece of ex-display, knitted fabric from C&H without an idea what to do with it, but I knew I’d have some kind of suitable pattern at home.  I knocked out my first Megan Dress and was really pleased with it.  Because it is made with knitted, stretchy stuff, I didn’t have to pop a zip in (bonus) and it is really easy to wear, comfy but very flattering.  So again dropping in to C&H I rootled around the offcuts and found more knitted – a bit garish this time, but heck, I’m not fussy.  So now I have another one, this time made to the correct size (but still without a zip)!  Just 1m of nice wide stuff is enough to knock a frock out in my size.  IMG_1105However, whilst there, I also, probably to the total annoyance of my niece, picked up these lovely fabrics ready for summer dress making for my great-niece’s trip to New Zealand.  One is made already, but I need to do the hem!  I’m sure Sophie will love them – her mother….. I can but hope!


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