Raw Milk – yum yum yum

A few years ago, I decided I wanted to make mozzarella cheese – who doesn’t.  So I got books (my ideas always start with a book, …..or a few books) and then I realised I needed “raw milk”.  That’s milk straight from a cow’s bum – well, technically you got me there, it does in fact come from the udder, but when we were kids it was “yuk, has that milk come out of the cow’s bum?” followed by “I’m not drinking that”.  Followed years later by niece and nephew asking the same question as Sis and I gratefully drank their portion. Which goes to prove what goes around comes around.

I digress.  I needed Raw Milk, unpasteurised, non-homogenised, unadulterated, whole creamy milk – and I couldn’t find any in the UK.  I did visit a local herd, but was advised it was illegal for him to sell me milk, I could find the stuff if I lived in the US, but my locale seemed deplete of the stuff – and then I found a supplier who used to visit Egerton Farmers Market.  Joy.  Shortlived Joy.  I made cricket balls and burnt my hands.

Recently I’ve that hankering for the pure white stuff again and am more than delighted to have discovered Hook and Son (http://www.hookandsonfarmshop.co.uk/). Not quite on my doorstep, but they deliver (by courier) direct to my door.  I order a week’s worth and store a few bottles in the freezer just in case.  I’m recycling too.  The bottom of the plastic bottles are an ideal size to start my sweetcorn seedlings in and the polystyrene is going to be (eventually) used as insulation in the new potting shed!


I am trying to make rice pudding, but this has so far not been successful because …. well, we drink it all before I get around to it.

Delving deeper into the Hook and Son website, I discovered Steve Hook also made a movie, released in 2013, telling the story of how “….he and his father Phil (who) together decided to turn their back on the cost cutting supermarkets and dairies to sell direct.”  I can’t believe that our local indie cinema didn’t show this, but then again, I might have missed it.  What a beautiful film and what a star Ida was!  I’m going to see Rams tomorrow (A hard-drinking Icelandic farmer (Theodór Júlíusson) and his estranged brother (Sigurður Sigurjónsson) band together to save their flocks of sheep from authorities who want the animals destroyed) and I rather think these would have made good back-to-back viewing!

I could kick myself for not being aware of Hook and Son before now.  Milk is a precious commodity, it is a super food in it’s natural state yet most of the time it is sold as a loss-leader by supermarkets. This cannot be right. This is not right.  I would rather pay the correct price for my milk and support the person who works bloody hard to produce it. There are far too many “bargains” to be had out there, a lot of stuff to waste our money on, but when it comes to thinking about what we ingest and paying for quality I do wonder why we squeal about price so much.


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