Not much of a blog huh?

I can’t believe that it’s been almost a year since I noted something down on this blog – I suppose it’s because life has become mundane now I’m back working.  I have however, kept myself occupied in my spare time.  The one thing I missed when we moved from our larger home and garden was – our sauna.

I don’t quite recall how and when we fell in love with the art of sauna, could have been when we visited Swedish Lapland oh so many years ago (yeah, typical of me, I can’t remember the year).  We went on a tour that included snuggling in a Sami teepee, eating fried reindeer meat, all so tired from our travels that the stories from the Sami lady lulled us into a stupor.  We rode around on a reindeer pulled sleigh first, before his friend became our dinner.  We went dog sledging with the one and only instruction “don’t let go of the reins”.  Who let go of the reins – me of course.  We travelled across a frozen lake by skidoo (and at one point, partially broke through the unseasonably, thawing ice). And we stayed in a long log cabin in the snow, with an adjacent sauna.  That must have been it, we were smitten.

Back in the UK, deciding that a log cabin was the best idea for the end of the garden, we purchased one in kit form and whilst husband went off to work in the day, I became Master Builder and slotted the giant stack of planks together to create a two room cabin complete with spider housing loft space up top.  The sauna was part of the “kit” and was easily installed – it worked – I was amazed!  The chimney leaked – pah, who cared.  The crowning glory was the year it snowed and we went the whole authentic way, running out into the snow to make steaming snow angels.  Ahhh, sweet memories.

Leaving that all behind was easy except for the sauna.  I still had a hankered after that one. So last year, finally, after all the “I’m going to build a shed” conversations, I got down to planning my masterpiece – and a shed with en suite sauna was raised from the ground.

I’m not going to say the whole thing was easy, it took some time!  The pieces of colour glass was an afterthought as I realised the sauna area was going to be a little gloomy without any light, but also, didn’t really want the neighbour’s peering in.  The logs took an age to seal in and don’t admire my carpentry skills – the sauna benches were purchased ready made, I just had to install them.  But pretty pleased with the whole thing.  Especially with the plunge bath outside, filled with cold water!

So now I’m awaiting this summer, to see what else needs sorting in the garden.

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